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Things To Know In Kasol Travel Package

Kasol is a village that is bequeathed by the serene and likable natural realms in the region of Himachal Pradesh in North India. The village is in the district Kullu and as you will see that there is all Parvati Valley on the banks of the Parvati River which makes the coming like an entry into some haven. The village of Kasol is just 31.2 km from Bhuntar and 5 kms before Manikaran. The way between the Bhuntar to Manikaran towards Kasol is adventurous and worth not missing. If you are tired of looking for Kasol travel deals and packages that charge you more for the places you don't want to visit then you relax here that now you have got the best of your money and time. Here, we are going to provide you the reasonable and customized options for attractions, activities and locations by telling you which one is perfectly suited for you and which we feel is right for you. The touristy spot has been a favorite among the Israelis who recreated it in such a way that it looks there can be no other hangout like this anywhere else. Here, along with the culture and presence, you can indulge yourself into their lives and living of them.

Kasol Travel Package Attractions

Kasol is a fantastic destination for adventurers and nature seekers who are just looking for a refreshing and retreating destination where they can explore and have memories to talk and bring home of about. Over the years, Kasol has become an ideal spot among the trekkers and wanderers who want to relieve their hearts and minds in the valleys and landscapes of nature by going away somewhere different. The arrival to this village is easily since it is connected by most of the transportation methods like for airways it is 42 km away from Bhuntar Airport and for roadways, the HRTC (Himachal Road Transport Corporation) runs timing buses from neighboring states of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab. For railways, the Pathankot is the nearest which distances of almost 150 Km but still you can opt for Joginder Nagar railway station. Also, you can also take taxis and private vehicles for your adventuring. To enjoy most of the attraction you don’t need to go around via vehicles as you can walk or stroll or quietly surrender to the realms of the nature to discover more. Top places that you cover along the route of Kasol can be Kheerganga, Chalal, Malana, Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Tosh, Rasol, Manikaran Sahib, Bhuntar, Pulga Village, Kullu and Manali which are in all treat for adventurers and nature travelers

Malana Village

Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia

Malana Village

Special Kasol Travel Deals & Packages

As said before, if you really want to go for a ride and tour that defines your journey across Kasol and neighboring destinations then you need to figure out beforehand your cost and places you want to cover. Kasol is nested and fostered by the snow clad Himalayas, foggy yet blueish skies and valleys that add greatness not only to the land across but also to your presence there. And then there is Parvati River which never makes us feel that land is empty or soundless as the streaming and splashing sounds make the whole environ enticing and unimaginable. Himachal Pradesh in North India is already very famous for the hilly regions and mountainous portions of lands and the foods culture that is maintained and retained by Israelis settlements. If you are waiting or wanting to go to someplace that is not just beachy or exotic or expensive in the name but to land that is far away and is inexpensive, surreal and purely unconventional in the sense of what should be one’s holidaying destination, then come and book yourself the best Kasol travel deals and packages now.

Must Do Activities in Kasol Travel Deal

To say Kasol is just visit and go destination would be wrong because the around the months of May and June and November to February, people come mostly even if the destination is perfectly fit for year around time to do. The whole village is a wonderful delight to cover and then you can go for trekking and mountainous related activities which can be great to explore. Go for Sar Pass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass and Kheerganga which are not meant to be missed and are made for all those who are looking for viable and affordable Kasol travel deals packages. Also, along with fun, you can also go for eateries that will add to the trip as delicious like Maria Café, BhojCafé, The German Bakery and Evergreen Café. Take the time of almost 2 to 3 days so that you can make the best of the trip with your traveling friends around the old and the new Kasol. The event of adventure can be doubled when you camp around the hilly and foggy areas of valleys of Kasol, stroll around in Malana or Tosh or go on an eating spree on Israeli foods like Shakshouka, a Bureka, and a lemon cake.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia

Kasol camping

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia

Camping in Kasol with Trekking to Malana Magic Valley

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India, Asia

Kheerganga Trek

Speciallity of Kasol

Kasol is a not an everyday traveling destination but a retreating haven that fosters itself in the arms, shades and shadows of natural beauty bereft of anything unnatural and chaotic like we all are immune to. Located in the Himachal Pradesh in North India, one can expect the village of Kasol to be enriching and enticing and as a result isn’t disappointed. If you are simply looking for a weekend getaway from your daily hectic routine life along with your pals or family members then Kasol welcomes you in the laps of its nature and mesmerizing memories.